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Should Men Cry More?

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Is it true that boys don't cry? Or are we just taught to think that way? Here's why males might be even more emotional than females.

Do Women Really Handle Pain Better Than Men? -
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Boys Who Cry Might Have It All Figured Out
""Stop crying! Boys do not cry." I heard it the other day at the grocery store and had to bite my tongue. A four-year-old was clearly upset and his dad was dishing out this ironic parenting gem. I wanted to tap dad on the shoulder and point out the flaw in logic. If boys don't cry, then you shouldn't have to tell your son that boys don't cry."

Teaching Men To Be Emotionally Honest
"Last semester, a student in the masculinity course I teach showed a video clip she had found online of a toddler getting what appeared to be his first vaccinations. Off camera, we hear his father's voice. "I'll hold your hand, O.K.?" Then, as his son becomes increasingly agitated: "Don't cry!... Aw, big boy! High five, high five! Say you're a man: 'I'm a man!'?" The video ends with the whimpering toddler screwing up his face in anger and pounding his chest. "I'm a man!" he barks through tears and gritted teeth."

Research Shows Men Are More Emotional Than Women
"The study has found that men experience greater levels of emotion than women when presented with heart-warming material... Men’s attitudes to emotions and whether they say how they really feel have been laid bare in a nationwide survey."


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