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Simplest Form Song: Simplifying Fractions To Lowest Terms

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Godzilla goes underwater in this video to chase submarines which are affixed with fractions that display simplified fractions and their unsimplified pair. Meanwhile, on land, numbers are being catapulted into the skyline where they fall down as parts of a fraction in its lowest term. Your students will love this cute little video about simplifying fractions!


"Simplest Form / Simplifying Fractions Song"


To convert two-fourths to simplest form:
write out all the factors of two and four.
The greatest common factor is two,
so divide them both by two.
Two-fourths equals one-half, and here’s what we do...


To convert to the simplest form,
we’ve gotta find the greatest common factor.
Then take that numerator and denominator
and divide them by that common factor.

To convert four-twelfths to simplest form:
Write out all the factors of twelve and four.
Four is the greatest common factor
So divide by four-fourths to see...
Four-twelfths equals one out of three.


“Simplest form” and “lowest terms” are synonyms
- which you may have heard are two different phrases or words
whose definitions are uniform.
Using a geometric model can help us learn
what’s happening when converting to simplest form.

A rectangle shows five-fifteenths - (so the) The GCF is 5,
which means no greater number can divide both fifteen and five.
So divide both by five; get one-third, its lowest terms.

It’s so boss being a nerd!!


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