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Smallest Countries In The World

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The smallest independent countries in the world! These are the various micronations around the planet and the ways in which they prosper despite their stature.

What micronations can be found within the borders of Italy? What tiny island countries checker the Pacific Ocean? Find out as we look at the Smallest Countries In The World.

#12 Grenada
Referred to as the Island of Spice, the caribbean nation of Grenada is a small island country formed from an underwater Volcano 2 million years ago, composed of 7 islands in total. Despite its relatively small size of merely 133 square miles, Grenada has cemented its place in the world economy providing 20% of the worlds nutmeg and mace supply. The tropical land also produces cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and cloves, earning its nickname. These industries help employ more than 107 thousand Grenadan residents.
#11 Malta
Off the southern tip of Italy, settled on an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, is the Republic of Malta. Historically sought after for its excellent positioning as a potential naval base, this land was often contested by cultures ranging from the Phoenicians and Byzantines to the French and Spanish, and nearly every European people in between. The British even settled it as a colony in 1815, but Malta earned its independence in 1964, officially becoming a republic a decade later. The influence of these foreign cultures has left a lasting impression on the countrys society, yet Maltese and English remain the nations official languages. Today Malta is a loyal member of international organizations like the United Nations and the European Union, becoming a part in the eurozone monetary union as recently as 2008. And with a population of more than 475 thousand, the people of Malta can greatly benefit from this international inclusion. Especially with just 122 square miles to roam in their homeland!
#10 Maldives
Dozens of island sovereignties around the world are composed of a string of islands rather than a single landmass, but few come close to the nearly 1,200 coral islands that make up the Maldives. Once a sultanate under the protection and jurisdiction of the British and Dutch, the modern Maldives is now a republic, though sketchy politics have kept dictator-esque rulers in power for the majority of the nations independence. If that wasnt hard enough on the Maldivian people, a tsunami rocked the nation in 2004 causing intense damage to the islands off the Southwestern coast of India. The disaster affected a third of the countries 300 thousand residents, with 15 thousand left homeless and more than 470 million dollars accumulated in damages. But thanks to foreign aid and a bustling tourism economy, the nation has been able to bounce back. More than a thousand islands may be found within Maldives, but less than 200 are inhabited by locals, making this 116 square mile sovereignty an adventure waiting to be trekked by tourists that can afford it.

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