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So What If I Love Anime?

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By Kodi | Subscribe: | Comment, like, share this story. Stand up against people who judge others and use your voice!

Kodi absolutely loved anime. However, for some reason, she never felt accepted for being so passionate about anime. She probably said to herself, "So what if I love anime?"

When Kodi was in elementary school, she had a Sailor Moon backpack that she really loved. She wore it to school proudly, but when the popular girls saw her wearing it, they laughed their heads off. Even though it really hurt Kodi's feelings, the popular girls wouldn't stop. Eventually, the teasing became more and more aggressive. One day, when Kodi was hanging with her friends on the monkey bars, the popular girls began throwing rocks at her. Kodi lost her balanced, fell to the ground and almost broke her foot. It was a very traumatic experience for Kodi, and she felt like she had to make a change.

Later that day, when she got home from school, Kodi made one of the worst mistakes of her life. She ran up to her room and broke all of her anime figurines of Sailor Moon and My Hero Academia. As she threw all of her beloved anime merch on the ground, she cried her eyes out. The popular girls made her feel like it was wrong to be so passionate about anime, and Kodi felt ashamed.

After she was done breaking her figurines, Kodi went into her closet. When she looked on the ground, she saw her Sailor Moon cosplay. In that moment, she realized that she had nothing to be ashamed of. There was nothing wrong with her being so passionate about anime. She put on her Sailor Moon outfit, looked in the mirror and smiled at herself.

The next day, Kodi decided to wear her Sailor Moon cosplay to school. During lunch, she walked up to the popular girls and told them how they made her feel. Everyone in the cafeteria was staring at her, and they couldn't believe that someone in a Sailor Moon cosplay was standing up to the popular group! Then, a group of older kids - the 8th graders - went up to Kodi to make sure she was okay. The popular girls were so embarrassed, and their faces turned bright red! It made Kodi feel so good to know that there were people at school who cared about her feelings, and she felt really supported.

When she looks back, she might say to herself, "Anime haters made me feel like a freak." But after her experience, Kodi learned how important it was to stay true to herself. She won't ever try to change who she is to fit in, and she definitely won't ever break her expensive anime figurines!

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