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Soda Science Challenge on Top of the Tallest Building! Help Me Solve this Game Master Clue!

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I NEED YOUR HELP TO SOLVE THIS CLUE! Last clue Where Soda Meets the Sky takes me to the top of a giant building to do the mentos and soda challenge!The Game Master is on to me Incredible Science! Incredible Science received a clue from the Game Master or someone else that said "Where The Soda Meets The Sky" I THINK that meant to do the mentos and soda challenge from the top of the tallest building and the Mystery spy Game Master was following me! It's super spooky and now I know what other Youtubers are going through. Stephen Sharer and Rebbeca Zamolo have people following them and maybe I should call the police I'm not sure BUT PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE THIS NEXT CLUE!! I solved this clue by attaching a giant PVC plastic pipe to a diet coke bottle and putting mentos on top of it so that the soda can shoot all the way out of it as high as the SKY! That's the clue solved!! Now I received a NEW CLUE "Take a dip in -321 to end up with ten thousand" and the last word got burnt!! Please help me solve this and stop the Game Master once and for all! STAY INCREDIBLE!!!

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