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SpacePOP Ep. 1: The Beginning of the End

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SpacePOP Episode 1: The Beginning of the End.   Watch the premier episode featuring the one and only SpacePOP Girls!

This episode opens with their very catchy theme song - We 'bout to start something big!  It all happens on planet Lunaria where Geela declares herself as the new all powerful empress of Lunaria, including five other planets (The Pentangle) around it. They will all be under her cruel control. She broadcasts that all must obey or perish. Meanwhile, princess Lunaria learns about the takeover from one of her butlers, the faithful royal servant Chamberlin. He tries to warn the princess about the danger, but she ignores him and demands that he bring her some star juice. The butler later explains that princess Lunaria's parents have been captured by empress Geela and that she is coming for her too! Servant Chamberlin declares that he must protect her as well as four other princesses (the princess is not very happy about sharing a room with them). He hides the princess under a basket of laundry and they escape with her faithful dog. Be sure to tune in for the next exciting episode.

See how five teenage princesses disguise themselves as musicians and form a cool band called SPACE POP. Their mission is to spread the message of freedom and joy through their music as they join the rebel resistance force to get rid of the evil Geela who has taken over their home planets and made slaves of all their people.


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