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Starship SN8 Flight: The Mini Documentary

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On December 9, SpaceX successfully launched Starship SN8 on its first-ever high-altitude test flight to 12.5 km (41,000 ft). We and the crowds at South Padre Island lost our minds. We also made lots of new friends, especially Gene and Rachel of, long-time Starship documenters, and wonderful passionate humans we very much look up to.

On launch day, as part of the @Everyday Astronaut livestream team, we used a joystick-controlled telescope and a series of high-speed cameras (including one of the most epic anamorphic shots ever) to record the moment of liftoff and track the rocket through its unbelievable belly-flop maneuver and landing attempt. So grateful to Tim, Gene and Rachel for an amazing adventure witnessing, documenting, and sharing this historic event. Everything has changed.

Huge thank you to our supporters on Patreon! Excited to share much more from our time here in South Texas (we're still here now, looking at SN9!) as well as show pieces of the special behind-the-scenes cut out soon. Help support this video and our spaceflight documentary work on patreon and also unlock full-res Starship downloads We captured throughout the weeks spent here:

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Special thanks to Scott @Astronomy Live and OPT telescopes for making one of these epic camera views possible! Also thanks to the team at Zcam. We love your high-speed cams.

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