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Story: New Student Fails Every Class First Day of School Royale High Roblox Online Roleplay Video

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Channel: CookieSwirlC
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This is a role play story about Ally a new girl attending Roblox Royale High. Will she make friends? Will she able to find her dorm room? Will she make it to all her classes on time? If not she will get an F from all her teachers. I hope you enjoy this random story and have an amazing day.
Dear Diary
My name is Ally. I'm very excited for today because I am going to a new school. It's called Royal High. I really hope I make lots of friends even tho I didn't really have friends at my last school. I really want things to be different this time around. I want to get to class early and do well on all my assignments. Oh and of course I have my red gummy bear with me too. Well talk to you later!

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