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Streetcar "dashcam" from 1931 in Leipzig, Germany

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This video gives a peek into german life back in 1931 in Leipzig. Stabilization techniques applied to the original video were used to make it smooth.

The original film of this tram ride through the old Leipzig was added to the Leipziger Stadtmuseum for the training of tram drivers. The extraordinary thing about it is the documentary character of the film, which does not aim to show Leipzig and its beauties, but merely depict everyday life. Nevertheless, we see today - since this civilization is almost completely lost - above all, the unfolding before us tremendous aesthetics of a metropolis of the early 20th century.

Unfortunately, the film is recorded in varying frame rates and very blurred ( The restless picture disturbed and people often ran ridiculously fast. In order to increase the realism, I have corrected the stabilized film based mainly on the walking dynamics of the passers in the speed. Adjustments have been made in 22 different movie sections. They range from 10% to 45% slowdown and have extended the movie by six minutes. 

The music of the original has been preserved, but slows down due to the lower frame rate, which can be heard where the film originally ran very fast.

The corrected speed not only increases the degree of realism that makes this recording so touching, but also the recognizability of the details. Already the stabilization of the image compared to the shaky original recording has contributed greatly, and has been uploaded here: 

Of course, the speeds of all vehicles, cars, trams and wagons (movements of the horses) are also correct. In particular, although the pedestrians are still running very close between the trams (which is also reinforced by the telephoto lens used), but now it is clear that these are themselves very slow.

which differs from the usual facades of these beautiful streets, which we have all now uncovered, bombed or demolished to make no distinction between My, past publishers, hotels, 5 o'clock tea houses, antique shops and book printers (Leipzig, the publishing city), the Saxon Staatsbank, Huthäusern and the Leipziger Latest News ... ad infinitum. Take a look around!

A comparison of the street views of Leipzig from 1931 and 2008 can be found here: 

In addition, I draw attention to my multi-part discussion of the decline of urban aesthetics: https: //thwangenheim.wordpress. com / 2017/01/01 / maerchendeutschland-part-1 / 

and a short explanation of this restoration: 1931-a-restoration / 

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John Stockton's Slow Drag by Chris Zabriskie is under the License Creative Commons Attribution license (httpscreativecommons.orglicensesby4.0) licensed.
Twin Musicom's Life in Romance is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license ( ...). 
Allemande of the French Suite No. 2 by Bach

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