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Stretchy Batteries Are Coming... Here's How They Work

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Channel: Seeker
Categories: Science   |   Technology  
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Researchers have developed a way to make a battery and its casing stretchy, enabling future advancements in wearable electronics.

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Chasing the 'Holey' Grail of Batteries
"In a paper published in Science, the researchers describe a porous form of graphene - the world's thinnest and lightest nanomaterial - that overcomes some key challenges in creating next-generation batteries."

Stretchable Solar Batteries May Power the Next Generation of Wearable Devices
"Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have developed a new kind of stretchy battery specifically designed for wearable devices and clothing that require more flexibility than old-school electronics."

New 'superglue' could seal the deal for stretchable batteries, soft robots
"Superglue is great for fixing busted bookshelves, suitcase wheels, and-of course-shoes. But what if you want to fuse something a little more jiggly, like the gel cushions used to pad crumbling spinal discs? You'd be out of luck, until now."

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