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  • 01:37 Chie Hitotsuyama "Paper Trails"

    Chie Hitotsuyama "Paper Trails"

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    Three-dimensional art objects created by Ms. Chie Hitotsuyama are full of life. Their exuberant expressions convey the strength needed for survival in unforgiving nature. Ms. Hitostuyama's works use the material of old newspapers that stopped serving thei

  • 01:04 Microworld Unseen: Chapter 01 Pale Grass Blue

    Microworld Unseen: Chapter 01 Pale Grass Blue

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    Everyday objects and life forms, magnified hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands times, what would you see? That's what we want to show in Microworld Unseen, a new project from Beauty of Science, in which we use a scanning electron microscope (SEM)

  • 06:15 Odyssey of the Ear

    Odyssey of the Ear

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    Go on an epic journey with a trio of musicians into the depths of the human auditory system. A wild tale filled with beasts and storms and strange faceless dancing humans armed with larger-than-life ossicles. Produced for http://www.thefundamentalsofneuro

  • 13:07 Soleá


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    Set in Seville, Spain, this short film follows a day in the life of flamenco guitarist Juan Ramírez. Through his eyes we experience Soleá - the mother of flamenco - and Juan’s unusual journey to master his craft. Directed by: Pedro Kos and Emmanuel Vaugha

  • 04:49 The Papermaker

    The Papermaker

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    „The Papermaker“ is a short documentary about one of the last handcrafting papermakers in Europe and his great love for paper. Gangolf Ulbricht makes unique tree- free papers by hand. For international artists, conservators, photographers, pri

  • 17:40 Sound Sculptures by Zimoun

    Sound Sculptures by Zimoun

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    Zimoun : A Selection of Works 2005-2017These sculptures make cool sounds on their own from wind and vibrations. Compilation Video V.3.7 / Updated: August, 2017 HD 1920 x 1080 px 'Using simple and functional components, Zimoun builds architecturally-minded

  • 01:45 Fish Hammer

    Fish Hammer

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    People love to break ocean stuff. The Fish Hammer empowers fish to break people stuff. As Smashie swims around the aquarium, his position is tracked with a webcam, using software written in C++ using openFrameworks and OpenCV. The hammer follows him aroun

  • 02:57 'The Iron Genie' - working Harmonograph in action

    'The Iron Genie' - working Harmonograph in action

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    Kinetic sculpture: A metal three-pendula harmonograph designed and constructed by visual artist Anita Chowdry, Video by Josh Jones, Music: Gassenhauer Nach Hans Neusiedler, composed by

  • 03:57 Silent Crescendo

    Silent Crescendo

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    An intimate portrait of ex –Yugoslavian émigré artist Slobodan Dan Paich, Silent Crescendo follows his daily ritual of creating simple drawings with tea and ink. In response to the modern pace of the art scene, Slobodan has embraced these fluid works of a