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The Absolute Best Candy Bars Ranked From Worst To First

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America loves its candy bars, and some of the most popular candy bars date back more than 100 years. But which ones are the best, and which ones leave the most to be desired? Here are the rankings from yuckiest to yummiest.

Butterfingers are definitely unique. And like so many unique things, people either love them or hate them. There's really no in-between. The Butterfinger is likely so divisive because of the texture of the candy layers. If you're expecting a deliciously creamy peanut butter experience, this definitely isn't it. As the old Bart Simpson commercials advertised, Butterfingers are "crispity" and "crunchity," not smooth and creamy.

So where does the unusual brittleness in the inside of a Butterfinger come from? Corn flakes. To make a Butterfinger, corn flakes are added to peanut butter, and then a separate sweet, crystallized molasses concoction is created. These two mixtures are folded together and formed into the bar, which is then enrobed in chocolate. Many people hate the result, but you never know until you try one. Even the worst candy bar is someone's favorite.

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Butterfinger | 0:00
Almond Joy/Mounds | 1:10
Skor/Heath | 1:59
Mr. Goodbar | 2:36
PayDay | 3:21
Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar | 4:13
3 Musketeers | 4:57
Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme | 5:41
Crunch | 6:19
100 Grand | 6:56
Twix | 7:36
Milky Way | 8:24
Kit Kat | 9:13
Reese's Take 5 | 10:04
Snickers | 10:53

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