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The Amazing Dollar Heart - Spins, Jumps and Flies! - Origami

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Channel: JeremyShaferOrigami
Categories: Fine Arts   |   Crafts  
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[Simple] How to fold an Acrobatic, Elegant, Super Clean Heart from a dollar bill or from a sheet of printer paper cut in half the long way. This origami heart Spins, Jumps (does back flips) and Flies like a Flicker. Even without all the tricks this paper heart can do, it makes an elegant origami Valentine's Day gift and it holds together without tape or glue. It does have two flaps on the back, but if you have the heart slightly folded in half these flaps stay down. If you press this dollar bill heart under a pile of books then it will fly better and hold together better too. Whether you you fold origami, oragami, origame or oregami, this dollar heart is sure to make a wonderful paper valentine gift.

This model does so many tricks it should run off and join the circus!...Actually, it probably will, because as a juggler/unicyclist, I'm kind of like a one-man circus and I plan to somehow incorporate this model in the act.

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