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The Amazing World of Bees

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Channel: Animalogic
Categories: Biology   |   Environmental   |   Science  
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Without the honeybee, a third of the world's crops would disappear... So why are we killing our buzzing buddies?

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Host: Danielle Dufault

Harold Ikerd
Osmia lignaria larva - CC BY -

Mary Ann Aschenbrenner
Swarm and Bee Dance - CC BY -

Bees on the Net
Honeybee Waggle Dance- CC BY -
Queen Bee Laying Eggs - cc by -

Stavros Chaniotis
Bee hive inspection in Greece - cc by -

Jo Cartmell / Nearbywild
Solitary bees - CC By 2.0 -

Michael Trout / Foundups
veroa mites - CC BY -

Jessica lawrence
Apis mellifera - CC by 3.0 -

Vipin Baliga
Stages of development - cc by 2.0 -

Jordan Schwartz
bee eggs - CC BY 2.0 -

Monika Fischer
B2012_05_Brood03 - CC by 3.0 -

David Goehring
Bee-on-Bee Action - cc by 2.0 -

Steve Evans
watermelons- CC by 2.0 -

Neil Conway
tangerines - cc by 2.0 -

Gordana Adamovic-Mladenovic
you gave me the blues - CC BY 2.0 -

Liz West
eggplants - CC by 2.0 -

Daniel Schwen
almonds macro - cc by 3.0 -

Kyle Mcdonald
kiwi - cc by 2.0 -

Cranberries20101210 - CC by 2.0 -

Natalie Maynor
okra - cc by 2.0 -

The Farmstrs
pears - CC BY 2.0 -

Sancho Mccann
strawberries - CC by 2.0 -

Guillaume Paumier
cucumbers- cc by 2.0 -


Examining the nature of the beast.

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