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The Crazy Plan To Capture And Store CO2 Under The Ocean


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There’s technically a way to take pollution out of the air. But if we did that, where would we put it all?

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Trapping Carbon Dioxide Underground: Can We Do It?
"A newly released geological report points to a promising way to cut down on the amount of harmful carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere: inject and store it inside rocks deep underground."

Ocean Fertilization: Dead in the Water?
"The theory that adding iron to the oceans can help suck up atmospheric carbon dioxide cheaply and efficiently has received a further blow. A study published in this week's issue of Nature finds that the potential of iron-induced carbon sequestration is far lower than previously estimated."

Plan to Trap CO2 Under North Sea
"Some of the UK's largest energy and industrial companies, including Corus, Scottish and Southern Energy, Powerfuel Power Ltd , BP, ConocoPhillips, E.ON , Drax Power and AMEC, helped produce the study. It proposes setting up a carbon capture and storage network which would connect major producers of carbon emissions in the region and remove their CO2 emissions via a pipeline leading to the seabed."

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