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The Double Slit Experiment: Light As A Wave

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A simple, fun and easy explanation of Young's Double Slit experiment. The experiment that proved the wave nature of light.

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Everything you need to know about the experiment that proved that light is a WAVE! Young's famous double slit experiment.

Young's double slit experiment. The experiment that proved that light is a WAVE. Newton actually thought that light was made up of particles, but a lot of the other physicist noticed that his theory didn't explain light-like properties like diffraction and polarisation. Thomas Young proved that light was in fact a wave with his double slit experiment.

The experiment set up: two slits (double slit), and a light source behind the double slit. Some distance away is a detection plane to show where the light hits after it has passed through the double slit. An interference pattern appears on the screen when the light is switched on. The only way to explain this interference pattern is if light is a wave. The constructive interference causes the bright fringes and destructive interference causes the dark fringes, resulting in an interference pattern (diffraction pattern). Thus it was proved by Thomas Young's double slit experiment, that light is indeed a wave.

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