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The Fourth State of Matter Could Scrub Viruses From The Air

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Using cold plasma as an air purifier is not only safe, but can eliminate 99.9% of a test virus from the a fraction of a second! According to research from University of Michigan, here's how it works.

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Cold plasma can kill 99.9% of airborne viruses, U-M study shows
"The results tell us that nonthermal plasma treatment is very effective at inactivating airborne viruses, said Krista Wigginton, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering. There are limited technologies for air disinfection, so this is an important finding. This parallel approachcombining filtration and inactivation of airborne pathogenscould provide a more efficient way of providing sterile air than technologies used today, such as filtration and ultraviolet light. Traditional masks operate using only filtration for protection."

Inactivation of airborne viruses using a packed bed non-thermal plasma reactor
"Where ventilation systems facilitate disease transmission to humans or animals, there exists a need for control measures that provide effective protection while imposing minimal pressure differential. In the present study, viral aerosols in an airstream were subjected to non-thermal plasma (NTP) exposure within a packed-bed dielectric barrier discharge reactor. "

Cold Plasma
"Cold plasma technologies have found extensive application in material processing for over 30 years and they are now widely used in the manufacture of semiconductors, magnetic media and special glasses, and for metal coating, etc. The success of these techniques is related to their ability to change the surface properties of a material by physical or chemical modification of its most external layers (1 m), without modifying its bulk characteristics. In this way, reengineering of surface chemistry can open completely new fields of application to conventional polymers."

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