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The Incredibly Shrinking Head | TOO LOUD

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Channel: Peacock Kids
Categories: Kids' TV  
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Jeffrey & Sara visit the DENTIST for the first time, and he performs a CRAZY operation on them!

Created and Directed by: Nico Colaleo
Voice Talent:
Sara: Kelsy Abbott
Jeffrey: Nico Colaleo
Miz Abbott: Gregg Turkington Molly: Emily Brundige
Sarah: Vivienne Medrano Patrick: Matt Brailey
Dr. Lewis: Paul Rugg
Written by: Matt Brailey
Storyboard Artist: Ashlyn Anstee
Character Designer: Vivienne Medrano
Animation: Josh Palmer Phui Jing Ling Circe Bogart Sam Kessler Zach Paulus
Backgrounds: Kati Prescott Bunny Pina M.K. Williams
Prop Design: Bunny Pina M.K. Williams
Edited by: Nico Colaleo
Too Loud Theme Composer: Dave Neff
Executives in Charge of Production: Melanie Augustyn
Nikki Levy
Executive Producer: Birkner Rawlings

Jeffrey and Sara are the loudest library volunteers in the world. But you can't blame them - they were born with abnormally large heads! Each day at the library is crazier than the next, but this duo always finds a way to have a good time!

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