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The Map of Quantum Physics

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This is the Map of Quantum Physics and quantum mechanics covering everything you need to know about this field in one image. Check out this video's sponsor
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Ive been fascinated with quantum physics and quantum mechanics for a very long time and I wanted to share the subject with you so I made this map of quantum physics to lay out the ideas within the subject, to set some bounds on it so you know its not endless and to introduce you to lots of concepts that if you are interested in them you can dig deeper. When you are approaching a subject like this thats so complicated it can be quite challenging because you dont know where to start and you dont know how all the concepts relate to each other so hopefully this will put everything in context.

This playlist expands on this video with lots of other more specific videos that dive deeper:

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Big shoutout to everyone who gave me feedback on twitter about the poster and a special thank you to Sarah Johnson and Chris Ferrie for their excellent fact checking.

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