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The Real Reason Birds Fly In A V-Formation

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Channel: Seeker
Categories: Biology   |   Environmental   |   Science  
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Have you seen birds flying in a V formation and wondered why they do that? Yeah, so have we. And it turns out, the reason is super cool.

How Can Birds Sleep While They're Flying? -
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Why do migratory birds fly in a V-formation
"There are two well-supported and complementary explanations for why birds fly in formation. One is to conserve energy by taking advantage of the upwash vortex fields created by the wings of the birds in front. The other is to facilitate orientation and communication among the birds."

Fly like a bird: The V formation finally explained
"Scientists from the Royal Veterinary College fitted data loggers to a flock of rare birds that were being trained to migrate by following a microlight. This revealed that the birds flew in the optimal position - gaining lift from the bird in front by remaining close to its wingtip."

Birds Fly Faster as Flocks Get Bigger
"While it might be easy to imagine that the more crowded a bird flock becomes, the slower the whole process must also become, the opposite turns out to be true. For the first time, it's been proven that the bigger a bird flock becomes, the faster the birds that comprise it will fly."


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