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The Real Truth About Hot Dogs

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Everyone knows that hot dogs tend to have some pretty dirty secrets. Still, some of the shocking facts behind these tasty treats are bound to give anyone pause for thought. Here are some of the things you don't know, and probably don't want to know, about hot dogs.

Everyone's heard horror stories about finding foreign objects in their food. Fast food joints tend to be big culprits, but the reality is, sometimes things go wrong during food processing, and items you don't really want to eat end up in your favorite fare.

Unfortunately, hot dog manufacturers can't claim a clean record on this front. In 2015, 38 people reported to the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service that they had found foreign objects in their hot dogs. Of course, 38 people is a small number given how many hot dogs are consumed each year, but remember, those are just the ones who took the time to file a report.

So what types of items have people found in their franks? Well, according to TIME magazine, they include a piece of rubber band, small pieces of plastic, a clump of hair, the tip of a razorblade, glass shards, a piece of bone, and what appeared to be some kind of insect larva.

While that list is enough to make a person swear off hot dogs for life, TIME's article does also point out that hot dog recalls are relatively rare, so you can mostly trust the hot dogs you buy. Mostly.

When you're starving and don't have a minute to spare, you might be tempted to hit up the fridge, grab a hot dog, and eat it cold, right? Like other sandwich meats, hot dogs are already cooked, so this shouldn't cause too much of a problem. And yet, hot dogs are actually frequent offenders for food poisoning.

Watch the full article to see the real truth about hot dogs.


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Contamination | 1:20
Casings | 2:03
Meat And Water | 3:06
Bits And Pieces | 4:14
Health Concerns | 5:41
How It's Made | 6:32
Cancer Risks | 8:18
Joey Chestnut | 9:28
Choking Hazards | 10:34

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