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"The SCARIEST Costume" MLP Animatic Song

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Happy Nightmare Night (Season) Everyone!
I'm super excited and proud to present you this original song whose instrumental was written and created by the ever talented Truesailorcomet, be sure and shower her with some love, she did an AMAZING job!

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There’s lots of spooky things that you can be for Nightmare Night, Dash!

Come take a look see what’s in store, waiting to cause a chilling fright
The scarier the costume, I have learned, the better the Nightmare Night

You could be
An ancient cursed mummy
Wrapped up tight
And you’ll be quite a sight! No?

Plenty more things that you can wear, you could be the headless mare!
Looking for candy and your head, it’s sure to cause some dread

Or perhaps you’re better off dead
A ghost or zombie always moaning and groaning

How about a vampire
Thirsting after
Something sweet like candy or blood

A cackling witch casting evil spells
A demon straight from the depths of

Don’t like these costumes? I’ve got more! to give you such a fright

The scarier the costume, I have learned, the better the Nightmare Night

A timber wolf who’s on the prowl
For unsuspecting mares poised for her attack

The grim reaper who’s come for your life
A killer clown with a sharpened

Half of the fun on Nightmare Night is all the tasty treats
The other is scaring off the pants of everyone that you meet

This is the night for playing tricks, showing off your greatest pranks!
It’s all due to Nightmare Moon, we give her our thanks

So what will it be, Dash, have you made up your mind yet?
Better make a choice soon there’s candy that we must get!

Of all the costumes I have seen there’s one that truly terrifies
I think tonight i’ll go as the horrifying Pinkie Pie!

The scarier the costume, we have learned, the better the Nightmare Night

Song Lyrics by Magpiepony
Instrumental by Truesailorcomet
Performed by Magpiepony as Pinkie Pie
Performed by Purpleroselyn as Rainbow Dash
Sound Editing by PegasusPitchVA and Magpiepony

Intro background music by Teknoaxe

Artwork by Magpiepony

Vector Credits:
Pinkie and Rainbow Suits Vectored from Comics by masemj, Everfree Forest at Night backgrounds by 90sigma and albert238391, Zecora's Hut by Estories, Sugarcube Corner by flutterflyraptor, Nightmare Night Backgrounds by hellswolfeh and grievousfan, Graveyard by hotdiggedydemon, Castle by zutheskunk.

#MyLittlePony #HalloweenSong #NightmareNight

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