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The Scariest Moment Of My Life

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By Carissa | Subscribe: |

Carissa and her friend were driving through the mountains on their way home from their college campus. Because they were driving down a steep mountain, there were a lot of drivers on the road that were braking suddenly and causing traffic. Carissa was doing everything she could to drive carefully and avoid an accident.

However, there was a careless driver behind Carissa that wasn't paying attention to the road. Carissa was afraid that, if suddenly hit the brakes, the car behind her would end up hitting her. So in order to get his attention and avoid an accident, Carissa decided to wave her hand out the window and signal the driver to back up. But, Carissa's plan backfired, and her gesture made the driver extremely mad. Carissa still felt unsafe, and she let her emotions get to the best of her. When she was exiting the highway, she stuck her hand out the window and gave the angry driver the middle finger.

Carissa's road rage made the driver even more angry. He cut over three traffic lanes and sped up to follow Carissa. It was SO dangerous. He almost hit five cars in the process. Right away, Carissa and her friend got really scared. She tried to take a sudden turn and trick the driver on the road, but the driver kept following them.

Carissa was terrified. She saw the man digging through his glove box, and she didn't know if he had some kind of a weapon. Carissa did whatever she could to get away from the driver, and she started to speed through a neighborhood. Luckily, the angry driver ended up getting stuck in a pile of snow, so Carissa and her friend were able to drive away.

Looking back, Carissa will probably say to herself, "That was the scariest moment of my life." She urges everyone to not let your emotions get the best of you while you're driving and to always remember to be safe on the road.

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