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The Secret to Planet Formation Might Be Hiding in the Fulton Gap

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Channel: Seeker
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There are over 2,300 exoplanets that have been discovered, but there seems to be a gap in the data. Why is this and what can it tell us about our universe?

This Alien Planet Hunter Is About to Retire, Now What?

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"Its been dubbed the Fulton gap, after Benjamin Fulton, lead author on a paper describing it. The Kepler data show that planets of a certain size-range are rare those between 1.5 and 2 times the size of Earth."

As Planet Discoveries Pile Up, a Gap Appears in the Pattern
"Dragomir said the radius gap points to possible rules both about how planets are formed, and what happens to them early on."

What Did Kepler Teach Us? Celebrating the Space Telescope, 10 Years after Launch
"The discoveries range from Earth-sized rocky bodies to intermediate-sized "super-Earths" and "mini-Neptunes" to gaseous planets the size of Jupiter."


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