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The Weirdest Hot Dogs Around The World

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The humble hot dog is an icon of American cuisine, and the USA is home to endless varieties of the classic dog. But step beyond the border and you'll find hot dogs far stranger than anything America has to offer. These are the weirdest hot dogs from around the world.

South Korea is the home of tokkebi, kind of a combination of lots of different kinds of street foods. In simple terms, it's a hot dog deep fried in batter and crusted with french fries, slathered in sauce and served on a stick. It's almost entirely found at street food vendors around the country, and occasionally comes crusted with ramen instead of french fries, or some kind of combination of the two.

So don't expect to find gourmet tokkebi popping up at some fancy restaurant anytime soon; this is an on-the-go snack served throughout the day and night at busy stalls in city markets, usually for only a few thousand won, a couple of dollars, basically. It's cheap, convenient, and delicious, in a guilty kind of wayjust like all good hot dogs are.

It's fair to say that most hot dogs tend to come in buns, but that's not the case in China, where local bakeries have pioneered a whole new kind of dog. Here, the classic hot dog has been combined with a number of pastries of all shapes and sizes. They're pretty popular in China, being sold in bakeries across the country, and some establishments have entire sections dedicated to them.

And China is home to a near-endless range of different kinds of hot dog pastry. They're made with muffins, danishes, sliced bread, and more; and topped with everything from mayonnaise, to cheese, to frosting, to egg dough. They're also something of an acquired taste: The travel blog Vagabond Journey describes them as:

"Old, stale and, often, [served] at room temperature."

Stale hot dog in a danish. What's not to love?

Watch the full video to see more of the weirdest hot dogs around the world.

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Puka Dog | 7:35
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