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There Are Actually Benefits To San Francisco's Fog (360 Video)

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San Francisco is known as the "foggy city" for a reason. Find out why and what all that fog does in this VR video!

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Clearing and Present Danger? Fog That Nourishes California Redwoods Is Declining
“A study by climatologist James Johnstone and biologist Todd Dawson of the University of California, Berkeley, looked at a combination of weather station and airport data along the northern California coast where massive coastal redwood trees thrive.”

Point Bonita Lighthouse
“Point Bonita Lighthouse, the third lighthouse on the West Coast, was completed in 1855. Built upon a high ridge 300 feet above the water, there were soon complaints that thick fog frequently obscured the light beam. A new site at a lower elevation was chosen nearby at the tip of Point Bonita.”

Trapping humidity out of fog in Chile
“The retired maths and physics professor from the University of Chile carried out a series of experiments in the highest hills near the city of Antofagasta. There, he came up with the idea of the fog catcher: netting with tiny openings of approximately 1mm across to capture the tiny water droplets in the fog. The droplets accumulate in the netting and form a bigger drop which eventually runs off the netting into a canal underneath. From there, it is channelled through a pipe to containers at the base of the hills, ready for use. And the research continues today.”

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