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There Could Have Been Life On Venus!

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Scientists believe Venus was once Earth-like. How is this possible and what caused the planet to turn toxic?

Earth-Like Planet Discovered! What You Need To Know -
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Earth's Twin
"Scientists call Venus Earth's twin planet and for good reason. Our two planets are similar in size, mass, density, gravity, and composition. Of course, they have some enormous differences as well; differences that would kill you instantly if you tried to step foot on Earth's twin planet. Earth's evil twin planet, maybe."

Was Venus Alive? 'The Signs Are Probably There'
"Only 20 percent of the sunlight that hits Venus makes it through the cloudcover, while the other 80 percent is reflected back into space. This reduced sunlight doesn't make Venus a cold world, however, because the thick carbon dioxide atmosphere traps the planet's heat. This greenhouse effect on Venus is often cited as a nightmare example of what could happen to Earth if we don't get our pollution under control."

Hellish Venus Might Have Been Habitable For Billions Of Years
"Venus is-without a doubt-Earth's toxic sibling. Although both worlds are similar in size and density, our planetary neighbor has temperatures so high they can melt lead, winds that whip around it some 60 times faster than the planet itself rotates and an atmosphere that slams down with more than 90 times the pressure found on Earth's atmosphere."


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