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These Alien Worlds are the Hottest in the Cosmos, Here’s What We Know About Them

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Hot Jupiters are popping up across the universe. Each one is more extreme than the last which is why they're the source of a lot of speculation in the science world.

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Star "Eating" Superhot Planet's Atmosphere
“First described in 2008, the extrasolar planet—or exoplanet—WASP-12b is a Jupiter-like world that orbits its host star so tightly a year lasts just 26 hours. This closeness means that a combination of heat from the star and from a gravitational tug-of-war called tidal heating brings the surface temperature to more than 4,700 degrees Fahrenheit (2,600 degrees Celsius).”

What Does It Take To Discover An Earth-like Exoplanet?
“The sad fact is that the earth is very small, and would be very tough to detect from another star system. It doesn't produce much in the way of gravity and even less in the way of light. In the last few years, there have been a few amazing discoveries where we've actually taken (incredibly unresolved) pictures of alien worlds.”

Scorching Jupiter-Like Planet Throws Wrench in Planet Migration Ideas
“Hot Jupiters — massive planets that orbit very close to their parent stars — have been found to be abundant outside Earth's solar system. But how did these gas-giant planets in other solar systems get so close to their parent stars?”

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