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These Places Have No Scientific Explanation!!

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Radioactive lakes, rivers that can boil you alive, and lakes that turn things to stone these all sound like something straight out of a sci-fi fantasy, but theyre real places on Earth and today were going to take you there:
Number 7. Shanay-Timpishka The Boiling River
Starting off our list as one of the most bizarre, scientifically questionable places on Earth is the Shanay-Timpishka, also referred to as the Boiling River. Take one step into this 4 mile long Amazonian River, and you will be boiled alive from the inside out! The River, located in Peru, reaches temperatures of over 91 degrees Celsius. Sure, waters of these temperatures are not unusual, but they are usually fed by a nearby volcano. The Shanay Timpishka River, however, doesnt have a volcano in sight. So what does cause this phenomenon? Scientists believe that cracks in the fault lines allow the boiling hot water from underneath the Earth to heat the river, but this is really only just a theory. To date, the Shanay Timpishka River is a mystery and one that should be avoided if you dont want to turn into soup.
Number 6. Lake Karachay
Moving on from rivers to lakes, we move onto Lake Karachay the most polluted place on the planet. The problem stems from the pollution of the nearby nuclear facilities and the radioactive material that was dumped there by the Soviet Union. And if you think Chernobyl is bad, this place makes Chernobyl look like a great area to set up a family home! Just how polluted is the lake? In the 1990s, if you were to stand on the shores for one hour, you would be exposed to a radiation dose of over 600 roentgen which would pretty much seal your fate. Today the site is covered mostly in concrete, but is still considered to be one of the most dangerous places on the planet.
Number 5. The Petrifying Well
We all know that witches cant really turn men into frogs, but a well that can turn you into stone? Surely that cant be real either or can it? In Knaresborough, North Yorkshire lies a well where anything that it touches it turns into stone! What causes this unbelievable phenomenon? For years it was believed that the well was cursed by a witch. But scientists nowadays tribute the so called spell to a high mineral content within the water.

Number 4. The Blue Pond of Hokkaido
Starting to think twice about swimming in strange waters? Dont worry, not every water mass on our list is dangerous! Hence, the Blue Pond of Hokkaido, also referred to as the Kool-Aid colored Lake. Just one look at the lake, and theres no doubt as to why it received its nickname, but where did the lake get its unique, electric blue shade that changes colors with the seasons? Scientists theorize that the unique colors of the water come from the high concentration of aluminum hydroxide that is in it. The water itself, of course, is clear, but when the particles reflect the sky, the water suddenly takes on its kool-aid color. And the best part? Its safe for a visit!
Number 3. Kawah Ijen
Kool-aid blue water is one thing, and it might not be that difficult to believe, but blue lava? Yes, its real and it comes from the Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia. Built into the volcano is a sulphur mine where no flashlights are needed at night time. Rather, workers within the mine are guided by a glowing blue light that trickles down the walls like lava. But dont be fooled the name the Blue Lava Volcano is actually quite deceiving. Despite the name, the blue trickle isnt actually lava, its sulphur. According to scientists, when the sulphuric gases within the mine heat up, they shoot blue flames up to 5 meters in the air. These gasses then condense into liquid sulphur, which then trickles down the walls giving the appearance of a neon blue lava.
Number 2. The Ringing Rocks of Pennsylvania
Okay, so youve just turned your teddy bear into stone, and now you hit it what do you hear? Probably not the sound of a cymbal! But when you hit the Ringing Rocks of Pennsylvania, that is exactly the sound that you hear. And if thats not strange enough, nobody knows why the rocks are where they are. Located in a rock field that occupies over 7 acres, the rocks have absolutely no reason to be there. Why do they make the sound of music? Nobody knows not even science has solved this one yet!
Number 1. The Never Ending Light Storm
Storm hunters will love this one, for in Western Venezuela, there is a storm that rarely ever ends. The lighting and thunder show starts around 7pm at night, and lasts until the wee hours of the morning. And though it doesnt storm every night, the storms persists for over 300 days each year. And with each minute that passes, the storm produces an average of 28 strikes of lightning! There are several different theories as to why this show takes place, but the most common explanation focuses topography and atmospheric conditions of the area.
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