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This Is How Your Skin Holds In Bodily Fluids

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Ever wondered how skin absorbs liquids but doesn't let them leak out? Scientists have found the answer using highly specialized microscopes.

Here's Why Your Skin Doesn't Rip Easily -
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Scientists have figured out why human skin doesn't leak
"Somehow we replace our entire outer layer of skin every two to four weeks, but it never leaks, and now scientists say they've figured out why - it's made of a unique arrangement of shapes called tetrakaidecahedrons, which never leave a gap, even as individual cells are sloughed away."

New insights into skin cells could explain why our skin doesn't leak
"The authors of the study say their new understanding of how epidermal cells form a barrier may explain the paradox of how we can shed them without compromising our skin's integrity. It could also help us to understand what happens when it forms incorrectly, which could lead to conditions like psoriasis and eczema."

Skin Proteins Reveal How Mummies Died
"An international team of researchers has identified hundreds of proteins in skin and muscle samples from 4,200-year-old Egyptian mummies, finding signs of diseases that may have caused their death. Published in the journal Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society A, the groundbreaking study shows that proteins isolated from ancient mummified tissue can reveal inflammation, immune response and possibly cancer."

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