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This Is Why McDonald's Burgers Are So Delicious

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McDonald's is famous for its burgers, selling approximately 75 every second. Of course, this means that the fast food giant must be doing something right when sandwiching their signature all-beef patties inside of a simple bun. But what makes these burgers so delicious? Here's the secret.

Contrary to widespread rumor, all of their patties are actually made from 100 percent USDA-inspected beef. Prior to 2011, like many other fast food chain restaurants in the United States, McDonald's did use the meat-based filler commonly known as "pink slime" in their burgers. The substance in question was beef, but only technically. Pink slime is actually made from finely-textured beef trimmings that are then treated with ammonia before being ground up into a pink paste. Is it gross? Yes, but thankfully pink slime is no longer an ingredient in McDonald's hamburgers.

In 2014, as part of a widespread effort to debunk the negative consumer perceptions that surrounded their beef products, the company hired former MythBuster Grant Imahara to prove to customers that their well-known claim to serve all-beef patties was true. Imahara went to the Cargill processing plant in Fresno, California to see for himself what goes into a McDonald's "100 percent" beef patty. In the end, he found that McDonald's patties are, indeed, 100 percent beef as claimed. Keep watching for more about Why McDonald's Burgers Are So Delicious.

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They're 100 percent beef | 0:00
They're made with specific cuts | 1:10
Standard burger patties are flash frozen | 1:58
Quarter Pounder burgers are fresh | 2:52
Burgers are seasoned on the grill | 3:45
Using relatively local beef | 4:48
Different buns for different burgers | 5:25
Holding vendors to strict standards | 6:39
The only item with preservatives | 7:28
Burger toppings are carefully selected | 8:32
Quality control | 9:13

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