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This Massive Wall of Galaxies Is Lurking Beyond the Milky Way

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Cosmographers recently revealed a massive wall of galaxies lurking shockingly close by. But why was it hidden from our view for so long?
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Cosmographers goal is to map out the observable universe, and from their findings we can not only learn more about the structures that make up everything we can see, we also gain insight into the things we cannot see.

The universe is full of massive structures hidden from our view, like the area of the sky above the South Pole that has been dubbed the Zone of Avoidance, in our very own Milky Way.

Some cosmographers pulled out some clever tricks to peer into the Zone of Avoidance. Using a catalog of the motions and distances of 18,000 galaxies called Cosmicflows-3, the scientists noticed that some galaxies were moving faster or slower than expected, and seemed to be drawn to something in the middle, something hidden in the Zone of Avoidance.

Computer models revealed a wall made up of thousands of galaxies at least 600 million light-years deep and 1.4 billion light-years across, forming a bow shape over the southern hemispheres sky.

Find out more about the South Pole Wall in this Elements.

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