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This New Form of Light Is a Physical Molecule, Here’s How We Made It

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 Astronomy   |   Chemistry   |   Science
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Shooting photons through a rubidium gas cloud has some surprising results: photonic molecules. Are we one step closer to light crystals?

Quantum Teleportation Is Real, Here's How It Works -

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Scientists Create a New Form of Light by Linking Photons
“It’s a glimpse of science fiction made fact: Scientists have created a new form of light that could someday be used to build light crystals.”

Is It a Light Wave or a Particle?
“It’s in your physics textbook, go look. It says that you can either model light as an electromagnetic wave or you can model light a stream of photons. You can’t use both models at the same time.”

Atomic Decay Test Investigates How Matter and Antimatter Coexist in the Universe
“A never-before-seen type of radioactivity could explain why matter, including humans, exists today. And now a team of physicists has launched an experiment to find the oddball phenomenon.”

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