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This Powerful New Technology May Be The Only Way To Explore Venus

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NASA engineers have finally developed new technology to land on Venus' extremely hazardous environment! How did they do it?

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There Could Have Been Life On Venus! -
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Prolonged silicon carbide integrated circuit operation in Venus surface atmospheric conditions
"The prolonged operation of semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs) needed for long-duration exploration of the surface of Venus has proven insurmountably challenging to date due to the ? 460 °C, ? 9.4 MPa caustic environment. Past and planned Venus landers have been limited to a few hours of surface operation, even when IC electronics needed for basic lander operation are protected with heavily cumbersome pressure vessels and cooling measures."

NASA Glenn Demonstrates Electronics for Longer Venus Surface Missions
"A team of scientists at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland recently completed a technology demonstration that could enable new scientific missions to the surface of Venus. The team demonstrated the first prolonged operation of electronics in the harsh conditions found on Venus."

Venera programme
"The Soviet Union sent a series of 16 unmanned Venera probes to study Venus, starting in 1961. Venera 4, 5 and 6 surveyed the atmosphere, but were destroyed by the planet's extreme pressures and temperatures before they reached the surface."


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