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This Scientist Is Racing Extinction To Discover New Species of Arachnids

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Channel: Seeker
Categories: Biology   |   Environmental   |   Science  
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Lauren Esposito is essentially the Indiana Jones of arachnology. Experience her process for discovering new species first-hand on this trip to Penang in Malaysia.

Experience intense, unique, and sometimes dangerous moments with scientists working in the field, as they explain first-hand the kinds of risks they take to find answers. There's so much more to being a scientist than being stuck in a lab. Watch every Friday for new episodes of Science in the Extremes.

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The World's Most Venomous Scorpion Caught on Camera in Strike Mode
“With the aid of high-speed cameras, researchers have identified a wide variety of strike modes in half a dozen scorpion species. The death stalker had the fastest lunge of all, with its venomous stinger snapping over its head like a whip at 130 centimeters (51 inches) per second.”

Eco-Friendly Technique Spins Super-Strong Artificial Spider Silk
“Cambridge researchers have developed a non-toxic method for producing ultra-thin — and very strong — fiber for use in traditional clothing, medical devices, and even shrapnel-resistant military apparel. The new technique can produce synthetic spider silk at room temperature using only water and naturally occurring substances. Chemists and material science researchers have been intensely interested in spider silk for several decades. It really is one of nature's miracle substances with certain strains of spider silk having greater tensile strength than steel.”


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Written By: Paige Keipper

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