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Titanic: The ONLY Genuine Footage - Verified By Experts


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Incredibly rare, genuine & authenticated. This stunning footage is the OLDEST AND ONLY known remaining film of Titanic above water. Combined with footage from the wreck - utterly beautiful and heartbreaking.

Ever since Titanic was lost at sea that fateful night in 1912, there has been massive demand for films of the ship.

However, only one genuine film is known to survive. Called 'Titanic leaving Belfast Loch for Southampton', it actually shows Titanic entering the dock in Belfast Northern Ireland. She was due to have several modifications before her maiden voyage.

At least 5 films were made of the ship before she left Southampton for New York City on her final journey. A prominent documentary maker was even aboard the ill-fated ship, and it is believed some footage of the voyage went down with him.

Conspiracy theories about the ship have been rife, with some claiming a switch theory with Olympic. It didn't help at the time that news media were somewhat liberal with the truth when labelling footage as Titanic.

Before the disaster, Titanic fell in the shadow of her younger sister, Olympic. All promotion and media attention at the time focussed on Olympic, as she was first to launch.

So there was plenty of film of Olympic, but very few of Titanic. After the sinking, promotional films of Olympic were doctored and passed off as Titanic.

Another film shows Titanic's captain, Edward Smith, on the deck in his summer white uniform. This indicated he was on Olympic, a ship he had previously captained. He would not have been wearing summer whites on Titanic.

So this is all we have, just over one minute of footage. Enjoy!

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Footage authenticated by:

James Delgado, Director of Maritime Heritage, NOAA
Dr. Rudi Newman PhD, Hon. Secretary, British Titanic Society
Charles Haas, President, Titanic International Society, Inc.
Tom Lynskey, Director, Titanic: Honor and Glory
William Brower, Author, Titanic Historical Consultant
Joshua Noble, Historical Consultant
British Pathé


Featured in NY Post, ITV News, Daily Mail,

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