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Top 10 Amazing Animals With Real Super Powers

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Top 10 Amazing Animals With Real Super Powers

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Top 10 Amazing Animals with Real Superpowers
People have always dreamed of having superpowers, thats the reason why people invented superheroes in comics. In
the animal kingdom though, theres no need to dream about having powers, because some already have them. Number
ones superpower is totally amazing so stay tuned for that. Here are the top 10 amazing animals with real superpowers.
Number 10. Lyrebirds
In nursery rhymes, the bird goes tweet tweet and the duck says quack quack. But do you know that aside from
tweets and quacks, there are birds who can imitate different kinds of sounds? One of the ten amazing animals
with real superpowers are the Lyrebirds.
These Australian birds are renowned for their ability to mimic sounds including, but not limited to, a chainsaw,
a car alarm, a dogs bark, the click of a camera shutter, and a whole lot more. Lyrebirds love to sing and will
quite happily belt out its songs for most of the daylight hours, but the Lyrebirds true talent lies in its ability to
lie or at least mimic sounds around it. Some found it an effective defense mechanism to deceive their
Lyrebirds are about the size of a pheasant and have tails which resemble a lyre;a stringed instrument in the
form ofa small U-shaped harp. Apart from their spectacular tail, lyrebirds are now notorious for their vocal
feats. Like all songbirds, lyrebirds are vocal learners. They learn their songs, even their mimicry of other
sounds, from older males rather than directly from their mimicked models.

Number 9. Cuttlefish
Simply put, these guys have the power of invisibility. And by invisible, we mean they have some of the best
camouflage skills in the animal kingdom. Cuttlefish is a relative to octopus and squid and characterized by a
thick internal calcified shell called the cuttlebone.
Their size ranges between 2.5 and 90 cm and have somewhat flattened bodies bordered by a pair of narrow
fins. These species have eight arms and two longer tentacles that are used in capturing prey and can be
withdrawn into two pouches. Suction disks are located on the arms and on expanded pads at the tips of the
As for their superpower, cuttlefish can distort their bodies to resemble nearly any aquatic shape to blend in
with their surroundings and hide from predators. They even have sacs in their skin containing pigments so
they can change colors at a moments notice. Scientists have long known that cuttlefish and some of their kin
stop breathing when threatened by predators, but they thought for a long time that freezing in place merely
aided the creatures visual camouflage. It turns out, this serves another defense scheme as this decreases
electrical activity enough not to betray their presence to foraging sharks.

Number 8. Sea cucumbers
Who would have thought that sea cucumbers have regeneration powers as that of Deadpool, Wolverine and
Mystique? But different from these Marvel characters, sea cucumbers have a much more unworldly use of
their powers of regeneration.

These sea creatures have one of the most fascinating defense mechanisms. They contract their muscles and
eject some of their internal organs out of their butts which entangles predators and also emits a toxic
chemical. You heard it right, they poop their organs out to defend themselves from predators. But dont
worry, these excreted organs are later regenerated.
Although all animals heal from wounds, not all regenerate injured or lost body parts, much less internal
organs. There must about the sea cucumber making it capable of organ regeneration. Scientists think that the
process of regenerating internal organs is fundamentally the same as us humans healing from a boo boo, but
admit that further study is needed. Sea cucumbers might probably provide us with the key to deciphering how
to regenerate our tissues, or at least find out what is needed to do this.

Number 7. Thorny Devils
Thorny devils have a strange, knob-like appendage on the backs of their necks, which is sometimes called a
false head. When threatened, they can tuck its real head down between its forelegs, leaving the false head
where its real head used to be. Quite an effective technique to confuse predators, huh? While thorny devils
can camouflage, they also have an array of intimidating densely-packed spikes, each no bigger than the thorns
of a rose. These spikes will make any would be predator think twice before attempting to swallow them.
They only eat ants and can consume thousands of it a day.

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