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Top 10 Ancient Relics So Advanced They Shouldn't Exist

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Some ancient artifacts and relics are so advanced, we can't place them in history... they shouldn't exist! The origins and purpose of artifacts are still disputed.
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Ancient Relics So Advanced They Shouldn't Exist! Weird antenna on the seafloor - In the height of Cold War paranoia, an oceanographic research ship named USNS Eltanin made a rather peculiar discovery whilst scanning the antarctic seafloor. Wolfsegg Iron - The first impression you may have of this cube is that it looks unimpressive and is hardly a cube at all. The Nazca Lines + Atacama skeleton - The Nazca lines, found in the Nazca desert in Southern Peru really are some of the most stunning geoglyphs on Earth. Geoglyphs are icons carved into the face of the Earth. The London Hammer - This hammer was a chance find in London, Texas, in 1936.

The Maine Penny - Some of us may be familiar with the rhyme ‘in 1492, Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue’ and for many, many years, this was the accepted historical view on cross-Atlantic travel. The Baghdad battery - This artifact is made of three components and was discovered in Iraq. The Lycurgus Cup - This cup, named the Lycurgus cup, has been named as the most spectacular piece of glassware ever found from the late Roman era of 400 AD. The Voynich Manuscript - Here we have a genuine mystery which has racked the brains of countless academics and researchers throughout several decades and still, there is no singular explanation for it which seems likely. Piri Reis Map - This map has been theorised to contain information on the discovery of the Antarctic coast some 200 years before previously thought. The Antikythera mechanism - The tremendous intelligence of the ancient Greeks has continued to wow science and there is perhaps no less famous an artifactto prove this than the Antikythera mechanism.

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