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Top 10 Biggest Fruit & Vegetables Ever Created

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When it comes to food shopping, we often tend to scavenge for the biggest fruit or vegetable to take home with us. So, here are 10 of the biggest fruits and vegetables ever.
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Biggest Fruit & Veg Ever! Melons - It’s no secret that melons can grow pretty big with the average weight of a watermelon being around 20lb.Lemons - They say when life gives you lemons make lemonade and the bigger the lemon, the more lemonade there is to drink, which may make it a challenge. Leeks - Leeks are typically long and thick, so you'd expect them to reach a great size but nothing can prepare you for this particular one. Onions - This 18 lb. onion is so big that if you were to risk cutting into it then your whole city will be brought to tears.

A monster marrow - Marrows are famous for being really big but how about one weighing the same size as a baby hippo? Can you believe this cabbage? This is most likely everyone’s favorite vegetable on the list, especially if you happen to be a rabbit. Not so sweet potato - Despite its name, the sweet potato isn’t actually a potato and is more related to the flowering climber plant ‘Morning Glory’. Beetroot, carrot and parsnip - Can you guess what these three supersized vegetables have in common? They were all grown by the same person. Bananas - If you're extremely lucky you might find more than 10 bananas in a bunch so imagine finding 473 in one bunch. A powerful pumpkin - If you were to guess what would be the number one biggest fruit or vegetable on this list, you would most likely guess pumpkin.

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