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Top 10 Incredible Unusual Substances Ever Invented

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Science has created some amazing unusual substances. From the most expensive sci-fi strong hairs to robust orange putty, here are the 10 most unusual substances ever created!
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Most Unusual Substances Ever Created! Glowee - Glowee is light-source that doesn’t need electricity. Gallium - Gallium is quite an unusual metal. At first, it looks like a soft, shimmering metal. Artificial Spider Silk - Have you ever wanted to be Spider-Man? Well, your dream might be one step closer to becoming a reality. Carbon Nanothreads - This substance is capable of a lot of things. Want two examples? It can be used to cure cancer and even build an elevator to space. BacillaFilla - Concrete is all around us. It helped build entire cities, from buildings to bridges and things like dams.

Aluminum Bubble Wrap - This kind of bubble wrap is going to be harder to pop. That’s because it’s made of actual metal. D3O - At first glance, D3O looks more like silly putty. But, actually, it’s something that could save your life. DMSO - When you think about wood pulp, you don’t necessarily think of medicine, do you? Well, there’s a link there. Ultra Hydrophobic Material - Now, this is good news for those who tend to spill too much water on their couches. Scientists are getting closer and closer to producing waterproof surfaces. Aerogel - Aerogel is an incredible gel. It’s the world’s lightest solid, invented in 1931. Aerogel can be made of several different materials, but the silica variation is the most common type. It has nicknames like “blue smoke” or “frozen cloud”.

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