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Top 10 Maps That Will Change The Way You See The World

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From politics to pop culture to history, maps can teach us exactly what people think and thought. Prepare to be amazed by these top 10 maps that will change how you see the world.
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Be Amazed at these 10 Maps That Will Change The Way You See The World! Population Density - Look at that circle. More people live inside of it than outside of it. How? Well, inside the circle covers China, India, Japan, North Korea and South Korea – some of the most densely populated countries in the world. Where the most alcohol is drunk - Many maps are used to quickly show information about a country’s preferences or habits. For example: This map shows how much alcohol is drunk per country per capita. Map of the world from 1154 - Modern maps are definitely the most useful: they help us navigate, show us the world as it currently is, and help us visualise the basic position of the countries. Where countries import from the most - You might not think that maps showing where each country imports from the most are interesting but look at this and tell me it’s not fascinating . Plugs you need per country - Not all maps have to show important economic or political information, some can just be super helpful.

Countries by metal band frequency - Speaking of information you didn't know you needed to know - have you ever wondered which countries have the most heavy metal bands per citizen? The true size of Africa - When you stretch a globe onto a flat surface like a map, things are bound to get distorted, and Africa is the place that suffers the most. Maps of colonisation - The truth is that maps are not as static as we think they are, and that's obvious when you look at history. Gay rights across the world - Not all maps have to be political, but political maps can have the ability to show us the whole world’s progress at once. The Threats To World Peace Map - Here's another political map to end things with, and this one definitely might surprise you. Each country asked its citizens what country they thought was the biggest threat to world peace, and the majority answer's flag was shown on the map .

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