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Top 10 Most Dangerous Plants in the World

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The world is full of incredibly dangerous plants and some species pose a significant threat to us. Here are some of the most dangerous plants in the world!
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Be Amazed at these 10 Most Dangerous Plants in the World! Water Hemlock - Water Hemlock, also known as muskrat weed or spotted cowbane, is one of the most poisonous plants in North America. Manchineel Tree - The endangered Manchineel Tree is native to the sandy soils and mangroves of Southern Florida, the Caribbean, and central America- and is often described as being the most dangerous tree on Earth. Doll’s Eyes - Doll’s eyes, also known as white baneberry, is a flowering plant that is native across North America- particularly in eastern Canada, and the Midwestern and Eastern United States.

Rosary Pea - The Rosary Pea, which you may know as crab’s eyes or the liquorice vine, is a climbing vine that’s native to India. . Stinging Brush - The Stinging Brush is native to Australia, and can inflict one of the most painful experiences imaginable if you come into contact with it. White Snakeroot - This is a perennial herb that’s native to North America. Castor Plant - The Castor plant is undoubtedly one the most dangerous plants in the entire world. Bleeding Tooth Fungus - This gross looking fungus is the hydnellumpeckii, more affectionately known as the bleeding tooth fungus. Nepenthes - There are quite a few different species of Nepenthes, otherwise known as the tropical pitcher plant. Tobacco - This plant causes the most human deaths every year- tobacco.

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