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Top 10 Most Incredible Time Capsule Findings

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Whilst time machines don't exist (yet), time capsules are the closest thing we have in reality to them, so lets find out the most incredible time capsules!
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Be Amazed at these amazing time capsules! Steve Jobs Time Capsule - This time capsule might not be the oldest on this list, but it might be the most recognisable just by its name alone. Detroit Century Box - We obviously have our own ideas about what the future holds for humanity, but what did people from 100 years ago expect our own time to look like? Oldest American time-capsule - The sad truth is that not every time capsule is opened when they’re supposed to be opened. 1950s mental hospital - When you think of time capsules, your first thought probably isn't creepy - but trust me, this one definitely is. Expo 70 Time Capsule - So in 1968, two Japanese companies, Panasonic Corporation and The Mainichi Newspapers, decided to celebrate the 1970 Japan World Exposition.

Whisky - Its surprising how many time capsules include alcohol. It turns out, whether it's a crate of beer or a bottle of whisky, adding a tipple for the people who discover your capsule is a pretty popular idea. The Westinghouse Time Capsule - Another time capsule that is not to be opened for 5000 years is the Westinghouse Time Capsule, which is housed in what is called the Immortal Well. Oldest message in a bottle ever found - Messages in bottles might be a cliché - but in real life they come up far less often. The Crypt Of Civilisation - The Crypt Of Civilization definitely has the coolest name of any time capsule in this list, but it also has one of the most interesting stories. Paris Opera & MIT capsule - The Paris Opera is already famous for having a ghost that stalks around in the basement, but there is another ancient thing buried down there as well.

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