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Top 10 Mysterious Bone Discoveries That Shocked The World

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Categories: Archeology / Paleontology   |   Science  
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These mysterious discoveries of strange bone formations around the world have puzzled archaeologists for some time. Lets find out some of the most mysterious recent discoveries!
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Be Amazed at these 10 Most Mysterious Bones Ever Discovered In The World! Skeleton Action Shots - No, this doesn't refer to dinosaur nudes, but it is probably the closest real life thing we have to that, and is still extremely strange. Mysterious Skulls from Antarctica - Back in 2014, the world was shocked about a story of ancient human remains in Antarctica when it was previously thought that humans didn’t form settlements there. Atacama Skeleton - Back in 2003, the skeleton of a human fetus was found in a deserted Chilean town called La Noria, in Chile's Atacama region. British Sea Monster - A lot of things wash up on British shores and, while most of them turn out to be used condoms and beer cans, once in a while you get something interesting.

Wisconsin Giants - No, it’s not a lesser known football team, but it does still relate to huge men that could probably beat you to a pulp. Giant Scorpion - Well here’s something for your next scheduled nightmare; a claw was found in the town of Prüm in Rhineland Palatinate that is said to have belonged to an ancient scorpion which was probably around 2.5 meters or around 8.2 feet tall. Skeletons of Roopkund - An icy lake full of ancient skeletons with weird injuries? Must be an archeologist’s wet dream. Tiny Winged Humans - These tiny creatures were found in the basement of an old house in London and are said to belong to Thomas Theodore Merrylin, a wealthy aristocrat from the 19th century. Dragon Skeleton s - Dragons have appear in myths and legends in almost all of the world’s cultures, so you can imagine how shocked people were when a skeleton resembling one of the beasts was found in Zhangjiakou City, China.

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