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Top 10 Secrets Advertisers Don't Want You To Know

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Advertising is a secretive business with some crazy tricks you don't know about. Here are some of the secrets advertisers don't want you to know!
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Be Amazed at these Secrets Advertisers Don’t Want You to Know! Dropping the dollar sign - When looking at the price of a product you want to buy, do you ever think about the presence or absence of a dollar sign? Trustworthy Faces - Ever wonder why certain people are in commercials and others are not? Misleading commercials - While it may not be considered bold faced lying, a lot of advertisements contain very misleading visuals.

Anchoring an Item - Besides dropping a penny off of a product, there are many other ways advertisers manipulate the price of a product. Social Proof - Many of our life experiences are filtered through the reactions of the people around us. Limited Edition / Collectors m - The majority of products don’t need to worry about supply and demand since most products are produced at such high levels that companies just want to sell as much as possible. Nostalgia and Smells - when it comes to advertisers, some tricks are just slight manipulations, but the way they feed on our nostalgia is almost psychological warfare. Manipulation of terms - Sometimes, in order to sell a product, advertisers need to fudge the facts about that product, or at least present them in a smart way. Sell twice as much - Even after advertisers have done their job of getting you to buy their product… they aren’t done with you yet. “Food” Photos - Commercials for food products and restaurants dominate most tv commercial breaks and print advertisements.

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