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Top 10 Secrets To Memorize Things Faster Than Your Friends

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In order to memorize things faster and more efficiently you should learn these simple memory tricks and hacks!
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Be Amazed at these memory tricks and hacks! Spaced Repetition - If I showed you a list of ten words and asked you to repeat them ten minutes later, how many do you think you'd still remember? Probably a couple, right? But the chances of you remembering all ten words is slim. The reason for this is called, the forgetting curve. Method of Loci - What was an answer in the last test you took? Can you remember? Probably not and that has to do with what part of your brain you used. The difference lies with our verbal and visual memories. Don’t Multitask - Pretty much everyone is guilty of multitasking. Between decked out cars and cellphones to the dreaded cat videos of YouTube, we’re hardly ever doing just one thing at a time. Get Some Sleep - It seems obvious, but getting the recommended eight hours of sleep is one of the simplest ways to improve your memory. Sleep is like rebooting your computer after an update.

Brain Boosting Diet - Your Diet is just as important to your memory as sleep. In today's world of high sugar lifestyles, it’s no wonder a chunk of the population walks around like zombies. Tape Recorder - Everyone processes new information just a little bit differently. Some people are visual learners. Some of us are tactile and learn best by diving into things with both hands. Understand What it Is - One of the keys to retaining information is to actually understand the core concepts of that information. Take Notes on the Important Stuff - If you’re like me, you hardly ever take notes or if you do, you don’t look at them after. There was just so much there and it wasn't all relevant. Write Everything Down - As riveting as the story of your teacher’s surgery ten years ago might be, I don’t mean copy every little thing they said in class. Yoga - We all know someone who starts their day on the beach and eats healthy and can’t seem to stop talking about how great they feel. Seriously, we know already.

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