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Top 10 Strangest Planets Ever Discovered in Outer Space

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From 55 cancri e - the diamond planet - to versions of earth within the habitable zone, you'll be amazed at these incredible weird and strange planets ever discovered in outer space.
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Be Amazed at these STRANGEST Planets ever discovered in outer space! GJ 1214b - Discovered back in 2009, GJ 1214b is a planet that has a rather interesting makeup due to it being covered entirely in water, shrouded in a thick, steamy atmosphere , which is why scientists named it the “steamy water-world” . HAT-P-1b - Located 453 light years away from us, the extrasolar planet HAT-P-1b rivals the size of the largest planet of our solar system, Jupiter. HD 189773b - Possessing a blue colour similar to that of our planet, you would think that this extrasolar planet is a safe place to live. TrES-2b - With an appearance that is literally darker than black, TrES-2b is the darkest planet ever discovered in the known parts of the universe. CoRoT-7b - Located 480 light years away from Earth, the exoplanet CoRoT-7b is one of the few planets in the universe that could possibly harbour life due to the planets Earth-like in composition.

Gliese 436b - This is perhaps the most intriguing exoplanet out there due to one reason alone: it’s covered mainly in “hot ice”. Contradictory as it may sound, it is possible, and Gliese 436b stands as a living proof. WASP-17b - Just like HAT-P-1b, the exoplanet WASP-17b belongs to a category called “puffy planets” due to it being 19 times the size of Jupiter, but having only half of its mass , making it the similar in density to polystyrene. 55 Cancri e - Diamonds are amongst the most precious minerals here on Earth. But on the exoplanet 55 Cancri e, it really isn’t that precious or rare, as one-third of the planet is made from diamond. If it was formulated into a single gem, it would be larger than earth. Gliese 581c - While there are tons of Earth-like planets out there, the planet Gliese 581c is a prime candidate for the most Earth-like planet at the moment. J1407b - If you think Saturn’s rings are magnificent, then you'll marvel at the beauty of the rings of the exoplanet J1407b, as it possesses rings that are roughly 200 times larger than the rings of Saturn.

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