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Top 20 Vending Machines You'll Wish We Had More Of In The World

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From a machine that accepts hugs instead of money, to robotic convenience stores, lets take a look at 20 machines that should exist in more places around the world.
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Be Amazed at these Top 20 Real Vending Machines You'll Wish We Had More Of In The World! Cola Hug Vending Machine -Most machines accept cash, some credit or debit cards. Umbrella vending machine - It seems that whenever I forget to bring an umbrella, I get caught in downpours. Random Jackpot machine - Sometimes I'd like to have a random slot machine appear out of nowhere; no need to drive to the nearest casino. Band Merch - It's annoying when you're at a concert and want to buy souvenirs, but don't want to leave the show, or wait in a long line later. This Coffee Vending Machine - This seems like a miracle: Dutch coffee company Douwe Egbert has created a vending machine that dispenses free coffee—all you have to do is yawn at it. School medicine - CVS Pharmacy decided to make some of its products more accessible by placing them in vending machines across the country , in busy places like airports, public transit stations, office parks, and college campuses. Ikea spare parts -The worst thing about putting together Ikea furniture. lego vending machine - Going on a long train journey? This train station has a Lego vending machine.

Pencil Vending machine - Fresh Orange Juice Machine - I love freshly-squeezed orange juice, but who has time to squeeze oranges? Manicure machine - Don’t you just hate it when you can't get an appointment to get your nails done? Hot Burgers - Salad machine - Flowers - Baguette - How about a nice, hot baguette? In France, these long bread loaves are popular, but most bakeries aren't open 24/7. Books - Low-income neighborhoods are often “book deserts” where children have limited access to books. Live gold fish - Did Jaws, your pet goldfish just bite the dust? The only way to somewhat ease the pain is head over to the Submarine Catcher . Automated convenience store - rent a bike dispenser in the Netherlands - Robomart - Here’s an autonomous grocery store that drives itself to you .

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