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Top 30 Weirdest Bikes You Won't Believe Exist

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Bikes are great, but believe it or not, they come in some very crazy forms you couldn't even think of. From flying bikes, to bikes that can cross rivers, here are the 30 Craziest Bikes You Won’t Believe Exist.
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Be Amazed at these 30 Craziest Bikes You Won't Believe Exist! Back to back tandem bike - You’ve probably seen tandem bicycles before, but have you seen one where the riders are facing back to back? House on a bike - Kevin Cyr made this Camper Bike while working in Beijing after realizing that nearly everything is carried around on bikes in this city besides houses. Bike on water - A New Zealand brand called Manta 5 developed a new type of water vehicle in which people can skim across the water. Loop-the-Loop Bike
By attaching a rounded metal from on top of the bike frame itself, you could do a full loop-the-loop. Floating bike - What if you could take your bike, and ride it across a river? Well with Judah Schiller’s BayCycle , you actually can. Longest bike - The world record for the longest rideable bike belongs to a cycling organization in the Netherlands called the Milj Van Mares Werkploeg.

Kwiggle - Flying bike - XploreAir designed the world’s first flying bicycle that can also be used as a regular bicycle. Bicymple - Sideways bike - Varna Tempest - What if you could travel 83 miles per hour on a bicycle? K-Trak Snow Bike - The K-Trak Snow Bike system allows people to ride their bikes through deep snow.

The World’s Most Expensive Bike - The world’s most expensive bike was designed by Damien Hirst and he decided to decorate the bicycles rims and frame with real life butterfly wings. Bike made of Gold - ElliptiGO - If you've ever been to a gym, you've probably seen people burning calories on the elliptical machines or the bicycle machines. Renovatia - If you look out on the streets, chances are you’ll see that every single bike is made out of aluminum or some other type of metal. Crazy Boot Bike - Looking at this monster just makes you scratch your head and question who created such a crazy bike. Monster wheel bike - halbrad half bike - Felix Kruschardt and his team have found way to keep the functionality of a bike in only half its size. Fliz bike - This bike runs on manpower. Spring bike - Forkless Cruiser - Radiator Bike - The phrase, “one’s man junk is another man’s treasure” is clear in this bike design. Nisttarkya - Bendable bike

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