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Top 30 Worst Branding Mistakes Companies Have Ever Made

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In any company, it’s the branding departments job to make the business look good. Literally, that is their only job. Here are my top 30 worst branding mistakes companies have ever made.
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Be Amazed at these worst branding mistakes - Bic’s ‘lady pens’ - Bic made a monumental mistake when they decided to bring out pens for females. Women-free catalogs - While I’m on the topic of outrageous sexism, take a look at these images. Can you see what’s wrong? Cemen dip - And speaking of things that don’t sound appetising, how about this cemen dip? Jack Daniel’s - Tastes Like Grandma -I’m not sure whether this is a bad translation, a bad bit of branding, or just evidence of a marketing team with grandma-issues. Naughty sunglasses - You’ve probably lived your whole life without considering that sunglasses could be naughty, right? Schweppes toilet water - Schweppes fell foul of localisation issues when they launched a promotional campaign in Italy and inadvertently started trying to sell toilet water.
50p challenge - UK supermarket Sainsbury’s made the error of all errors when a foolish employee accidentally hung a poster in a store which was only meant for the eyes of employees. Tesco Buttermilk - In another supermarket mistake, Tesco was left red-faced when they failed to notice the oversight that their branding team had made on their buttermilk packaging. Dove - Dove skincare brand learned just how important context is when they released this add in 2017. Soon Fatt Chinese takeaway - Don’t you just love it when your local Chinese takeaway predicts the future for you?

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